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When do I need to hire an experienced personal injury attorney?

If you or someone you care for is injured in an accident or are the victim of malpractice, you may want to consider hiring an experienced personal injury attorney.

An experienced personal injury attorney can explain your rights and can discuss what is involved in bringing a lawsuit on your behalf. The time following a serious accident is very traumatic for the victim and their family, and an experienced personal injury attorney can immediately help with you your legal concerns, including addressing the questions you might be asked by insurance companies or others who have caused your injuries.

When you talk to an attorney you are considering hiring, ask him or her about their experience. Ask about other cases they have handled, who in the firm will be responsible for your case, and whether they have trial experience in your type of case. Be careful about attorneys who make predictions about how much money they can get for you, as that is often a sale pitch, and not a true assessment.

For injury, accident and malpractice cases, most attorneys do not charge a fee unless they obtain a recovery for you. Our contingency fees vary depending on the type of case. For example, in cases involving injuries at work—workers’ compensation—the attorneys’ fee is 20% of the recovery. Our office will provide you with our initial assessment prior to presenting you with a written contingency fee agreement that will set forth the fee for you to consider and sign.

Our office is conveniently located in downtown Chicago. Jeffrey Friedman and the Law Office of Jeffrey Friedman, P.C. is committed to providing zealous representation to those people who have been injured by the wrongful conduct of other people or businesses.