Below is a small sample of the settlements, arbitration awards, and jury verdicts which The Law Office of Jeffrey Friedman, P.C. has obtained on behalf of its clients. The description is not meant to explain all facets of the case.


Wrongful Termination

$ Confidential. Medical insurance professional terminated after complaining about billing practices.

Sexual Assault

$100,000. Female allegedly assaulted in home by repairman.

Shakman Decree

$ Confidential. Offer of County employment rescinded.

Workers Compensation

$200,000. Fork lift driver suffered herniated discs.

Motorcycle Accidents

$1.1 million. Motorcyclist injured in chain reaction series of collisions.

Medical Malpractice

$ Confidential. 52 year old given sedatives, not thoroughly monitored in emergency room, reached settlement for wrongful death.

$1,000,000. Diabetic foot ulcer allegedly worsened as infection was not treated, resulting in amputation.

$925,000. Cardiac complaints not addressed by the emergency room physician.

$400,000. Wrong medication given at hospital resulting in allergic reaction.

Products Liability

$1,045,000. Truck driver fell from the rear of his trailer at job site.

Premises Liability

$1.5 million. 80 year-old tripped on parking control barrier.

$ Confidential. Two tourists contracted Legionnaires’ Disease while at a
resort in Mexico.

$990,000. Asthmatic called 9-1-1 and paramedics unable to enter apartment due to a malfunctioning door.

$290,000. Mold contamination to premises resulting in property loss and medical claims.

Legal Malpractice

$465,000. Union member injured at job, hired lawyer who lost case, but recovered for legal malpractice.

Automobile Accidents

$375,000. Back surgery following automobile accident.

Nursing home

$250,000. Foot ulcers not treated.

Employment Discrimination/Sexual Harassment

$3,250,000. Verdict in favor of four females who claimed that they were sexually harassed at work.

Class Actions

$9,650,000. Gender discrimination settlement involving employees of grocery store.

Workers’ Compensation

$250,000. Painter fell from ladder at job site.
$125,000. Trench collapse.

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