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Genetic Information Privacy—Know Your Rights

  The Illinois Genetic Information Privacy Act, referred as GIPA, protects information about an individual’s genetic material. Recently, several lawsuits have been brought alleging that Illinois employers have violated GIPA by conducting pre-employment medical examinations of job applicants. GIPA (410 ILCS 513 et seq.) was enacted by the Illinois Legislature in 1998, and was intended to protect an individual’s genetic information from being disclosed without consent or from being used in a discriminatory manner. GIPA restricts Illinois employers from obtaining genetic information as a condition of employment; prohibits employment decisions based upon an individual’s genetic information; and bars retaliation against an employee who...

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Staff abused and neglected patients at an Illinois mental health facility

According to a recent report released by the Illinois Department of Human Services' watchdog office, a violent assault on a patient was covered up by several employees of Choate Mental Health and Developmental Center. According to the IDHS Inspector General's report, the "widespread cover-up" of that incident indicated a deeply entrenched "code of silence" among some employees. As a result of reporting by Capitol News Illinois, Lee Enterprises Midwest and ProPublica, the OIG report noted a culture of patient abuse and cover-ups at a state-run facility in rural southern Illinois serving people with developmental disabilities, mental illnesses, or a combination of disorders. One individual was beaten in December 2014, and...

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Dollar General facing $1.6 million in OSHA fines

Dollar General

Dollar General Corp. and Dolgencorp LLC, which own more than 18,000 Dollar General discount stores in 47 states, are facing $1.6 million in new Occupational Safety and Health Administration fines after the agency claims the discount chain and its operator 'again ignored federal workplace safety standards.' OSHA on Monday said the newest fines, stemming from inspections at four locations in Alabama, Florida and Georgia, brings to $9.6 million the total of fines issued to the chain since 2017. In the latest round, inspectors cited the stores for four willful and 10 repeat violations for failing to keep receiving and storage areas clean...

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Advocate Christ Hospital Lawsuit, Alleging Racial Discrimination

Advocate Christ Medical Center

A Chicago woman suing over incident from when she brought in her son.

Robinson claims that when she brought her 10-month-old son to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn because he had a strange mark on his ear, doctors thought it was a bruise and assumed that because he was Black, he had been abused, according to a lawsuit filed late last month.

According to the lawsuit, the mark on Robinson’s son’s ear was likely a birthmark – not a bruise, which was filed April 20 in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

The lawsuit claims doctors at Advocate Christ in Oak Lawn contacted the Department of Children and Family Services shortly after meeting Robinson last year, before they knew for sure what the mark was. After making a DCFS report, they performed medically unnecessary tests on her son, such as a head CT and bone scan, the lawsuit claims.

It is alleged that a DCFS caseworker told Robinson she might have to place her son in foster care, and that she was ultimately required to live with her uncle for about a week after leaving the hospital.

A federal court partially rules in favor of the last E2 Nightclub lawsuit 20 years after it was brought

E2 Nightclub

Erick Johnson April 25, 2022 In 2014, Clear Channel Communications, whose station WGCI held an event at the nightclub, reached an out-of-court settlement with many of the victims' families. Settlement amounts reportedly ranged from $1.2 million to $2 million. The Rays received a settlement as well. According to court transcripts, the Rays rejected an undisclosed settlement offer from the city last August. In 2020, the Rays on behalf of their son’s estate filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division. According to the complaint, the Rays say while seeking justice for their son, their...

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An $1.5 million settlement is proposed for sex assault lawsuits

settlement sex assault lawsuits

An $1.5 million settlement is proposed for sex assault lawsuits brought by two special education students at Bogan High School in Chicago A special education student allegedly assaulted two classmates on separate dates in a bathroom at a southwest side high school, according to two lawsuits filed against the Chicago Board of Education. Bogan Computer Technical High School's special education student reported in June 2016 that another special education student attacked him twice in a bathroom. The special education plans for both boys required supervision in the restroom. In court, a CPS attorney argued that while the boys were supervised on trips...

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Disability Lawsuits Hit U.S. Businesses in Record Numbers

Chicago disability lawsuits

According to industry associations and business owners, serial plaintiffs filing dozens or hundreds of lawsuits are increasingly using the Americans with Disabilities Act to extract settlements of tens of thousands of dollars. Amid the pandemic, small businesses have faced soaring inflation, labor shortages, and supply-chain problems. Now they face another unexpected challenge: disability lawsuits. Serial plaintiffs are increasingly using the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act to extract tens of thousands of dollars in settlements - not to promote access as the landmark law intended. (Bloomberg) — U.S. ...

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Employee wins $450,000 for an Unwanted Birthday Party

gravity diagnostics

In a lawsuit against a Kentucky company, an employee wins $450,000 for an unwanted birthday party

Birthday CakeBy Mike Stunson April 15, 2022

A Kentucky jury awarded $450,000 to a man who suffered panic attacks following an unwanted birthday celebration by his employer.

In August 2019, an employee at a Kentucky-based laboratory asked his office manager not to arrange a celebration for his birthday.

According to court records, it wasn’t his fear of growing older, but rather an anxiety disorder that causes panic attacks in stressful situations. According to company documents, the employee, who was hired in October 2018, did not want a celebration because “being the center of attention” could trigger his disorder.

His panic attack was triggered when his company threw him a lunchtime party against his wishes, and he left abruptly to spend his break in his car. After his office managers confronted him about his reaction, he was fired from the Northern Kentucky company four days later, according to court records.

The man sued Gravity Diagnostics, and this week, a jury awarded him $450,000 in damages for his lost wages and emotional distress.

FedEx shooting victims’ families file lawsuit in Indiana

Chicago employment descrimination attorney

In a statement, FedEx confirmed that it was aware of the lawsuit and was reviewing the allegations. Families of five of the eight people who were killed by a former FedEx employee at an Indianapolis warehouse last year have sued the shipping company and a security company, alleging negligence and failure to ensure a safe workplace. It claims that Brandon Scott Hole, 19, had "exhibited emotional and mental instability on multiple occasions" before the April 15, 2021, shooting. The lawsuit names FedEx Corporation, three of its operating units, and Securitas Security Services USA as defendants. According to the lawsuit, defendants "knew or should...

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Chicago Public Schools is being sued by Black educators over wrongful termination


Chicago Public Schools has been sued by Black veteran teachers who claim they were unfairly terminated. According to the Chicago Alliance of Urban School Educators (CAUSE), CPS has also blacklisted many qualified teachers from rehire. "CPS secretly maintained an illegal "do not hire list" through which the mostly Black veteran teachers who had already been unjustly terminated were unknowingly blocked from being hired when they applied for other jobs for which they were qualified within the vast CPS system," the statement said. "This practice forced the terminated teachers to seek work in suburban school districts, move out of state to seek jobs...

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Strokes Are Among the Leading Cause of Long Term Disability

Strokes affect somebody every 40 seconds. Once every 4 minutes, somebody in the United States somebody dies from a stroke. Among the key issues to address in medical malpractice cases involving strokes and stroke, treatment is early intervention. There is a know medication to address individuals who are suffering early signs and symptoms of a stroke. That medication is essential to be administered in a very short window of time. Approximately 4 and a half hours. In certain situations individuals are hospitalized and eligible to receive the medication but for any number of reasons fail to receive that medication and...

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Some people may assume that motorcyclists are reckless and have little regard for traffic laws. This assumption is incorrect. A recent report from the National Transportation Safety Board found that 64% of motorcycle related accidents were caused due to a negligent act of another vehicle driver and not due to the fault of a motorcycle rider. In Illinois, the person who was at-fault for causing the accident is responsible for compensating anyone who suffered harm as a result of a crash. People who suffer injury or damage due to a motorcycle accident can attempt to recover damages for their injuries and losses....

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Illinois Vaccine Mandate – Is it Enforceable?

On August 26, 2021, Illinois Governor Pritzker issued an Executive Order which mandates COVID-19 vaccinations for certain professionals in healthcare and education, as well as for students and state employees, subject to certain limited exemptions which require regular COVID-19 testing. The Order became effective immediately. The Order also mandates that all individuals in Illinois who are at least two years old and who are medically able must wear face coverings indoors and in other specified settings. The Order requires all Health Care Workers, School Personnel, Higher Education Personnel and Higher Education Students to receive at least the first dose of a...

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nursing home

Nursing homes are expected to provide high-quality care and treatment for older adults who have serious physical health concerns and /or mental disabilities. Nursing homes provide a wide range of personal and medical services to its residents, including round-the-clock supervision, prepared meals, and assistance with mobility issues. However, sometimes nursing homes fail to adhere to reasonable standards. Negligence can take many forms in a nursing home. When nursing homes fail to provide reasonable care to elderly and dependent adults in a safe environment, nursing home residents can suffer physical injuries and long-term psychological consequences. Nursing homes can be held accountable for...

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Gutter Installer Obtains a Six-Figure Workers’ Compensation Settlement for Hand Laceration

The Law Office of Jeffrey Friedman, P.C. recently resolved a workers’ compensation case for a 30-year-old gutter installer who sustained a laceration to his hand with a circular saw during a gutter installation job. Prior to reaching the settlement, the Law Office of Jeffrey Friedman, P.C. worked to ensure that the client received his full workers’ compensation benefits while he remained off work and received medical treatment, including two hand surgeries. During the course of this case, the Law Office of Jeffrey Friedman, P.C. obtained a detailed narrative report from the client’s orthopedic surgeon describing the extent of the client’s injuries...

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