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Injuries can appear long after an accident

Injuries can appear years after an accident

  Advancements in vehicle safety technology, many of which have been motivated by litigation brought by victims, have improved motorist and passenger safety over the past decades. Inevitably, however, the human body remains vulnerable to the forces experienced during a car accident. Sometimes injuries are catastrophic. Many times, a motorist suffers lesser injuries, often referred […]

Addressing Construction Accident Victims: Legal Support and Compensation

Addressing Construction Accident Victims

Those in the construction industry are well aware of the inherent risks involved in their work.  The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) attempts to reduce these risks by providing education regarding workplace safety practices. OSHA focuses on mitigating four key hazards: falls, struck-by incidents, electrocutions, and caught-in or caught-between accidents. […]

Recovery after a motor vehicle accident

car accident

  Navigating the aftermath of an auto, truck or motorcycle collision, especially in a congested urban area like Chicago, often requires expert guidance. Despite improvements in roadway safety and technology designed to limit risks, motor vehicle accidents remain a serious source of injuries and disability. In addressing the consequences of a motor vehicle accident, it […]

Distracted driving and phone use remain serious problems

Distracted driving personal injury accident

How dangerous is it to use a cellphone while driving? According to the Illinois State Police, using a cellphone while driving increases the risk of an accident by 400%. In Illinois, drivers aged 19 and older are only allowed to use a cellphone hands-free via a Bluetooth headset, earpiece or voice-activated commands. It is also […]



Some people may assume that motorcyclists are reckless and have little regard for traffic laws. This assumption is incorrect. A recent report from the National Transportation Safety Board found that 64% of motorcycle related accidents were caused due to a negligent act of another vehicle driver and not due to the fault of a motorcycle […]

Dog Bites Personal Injury Lawsuits & Liability in Illinois

Dog Bites Lawsuits Personal Injury Illinois

President Joe Biden’s younger dog Major this week was involved in his second biting incident of the month, the White House said Tuesday. The German Shepherd only just returned to the White House last week, along with his sibling Champ, after causing a minor injury to an employee of the U.S. Secret Service. While we […]

JMF Law Reaches $400,000 Settlement in Nursing Home Case

settlement in a nursing home death

The Law Office of Jeffrey Friedman, P.C. recently reached a $400,000 settlement in a nursing home death case against a Chicago nursing facility in which a 67-year old Schizophrenic woman with insulin-dependent diabetes suffered a hypoglycemic episode, which caused her to fall into a coma from which she ultimately never awoke. On the day before […]

Legionnaires’ Outbreak and the Law

Legionnaires’ Disease is a severe form of pneumonia, which can lead to catastrophic injuries and death.  Symptoms of Legionnaires’ Disease typically include high fever, chills, and a cough.  The incubation period of Legionnaires’ Disease is from two to ten days, which is the time it takes before symptoms of the illness to appear after being […]