Truck crash–Determining what happened

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Commercial trucks travel through Chicago and the State of Illinois on a daily basis providing essential services to all of us.  Everyone on the roadway must share the road with these vehicles.  For the vast majority of encounters, this happens without incident.

A serious crash, however, changes all that. After attending to all medical needs, to determine the cause of a trucking accident and what legal issues are involved, motorists should attempt to gather as many details as practical.  This includes information about the trucker, the truck and the cargo.

What to look for in order to find answers

As experienced trucking accident attorneys, our law office seeks answers by investigating:

  • Credentials of a trucker
  • Logbook of a trucker, showing how long he or she has been on the road
  • The video footage from any cameras that recorded the event
  • Statements from witnesses
  • Police reports
  • cell phone records.
  • Drug or alcohol tests
  • Evidence such as skid marks, points of contact, and types of injuries
  • Signs on the road, such as route restrictions and speed limits
  • Spills in cargo
  • Documents related to maintenance

The importance of these details

We understand that truck drivers may have been distracted, impaired, or drowsy at the time of the accident. The failure to maintain or load a truck properly could also have contributed to the loss of control. There may be evidence that a trucker violated traffic laws or was reckless in some cases.

Illinois law permits injury claims to be filed against negligent truckers or trucking companies.

An experienced truck accident lawyer at The Law Office of Jeffrey Friedman, P.C. can be helpful if you have questions about pursuing a legal claim, such as investigating the crash and bringing a case.

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