Distracted driving and phone use remain serious problems

Distracted driving personal injury accident

How dangerous is it to use a cellphone while driving? According to the Illinois State Police,
using a cellphone while driving increases the risk of an accident by 400%.

In Illinois, drivers aged 19 and older are only allowed to use a cellphone hands-free via a
Bluetooth headset, earpiece or voice-activated commands. It is also prohibited to use a cellphone
to text or perform other functions. However, people continue to use cellphones while driving
despite the law.

What is the extent of the problem?

Over one million accidents are caused by distracted driving every year, causing injuries and
fatalities. Distracted driving is often associated with cellphone use, but there are many other

  • Using a cellphone or talking to passengers
  • Sending texts
  • Social media usage
  • Apps and GPS systems
  • Taking pictures
  • Taking care of children
  • Controlling the radio or heat/air conditioning
  • Consuming food
  • Shaving or applying makeup
  • Reading

Examples like these are just a few. Distracted driving involves taking your eyes off the road
and/or taking your hands off the steering wheel.

Accidents caused by distracted drivers.

Distracted driving, including cellphone use, significantly increases the risk of vehicular
accidents, with over a million crashes attributed to this cause annually. The Law Office of
Jeffrey Friedman, P.C., with over 30 years of experience, concentrates in personal injury and
wrongful death cases resulting from such incidents. If you or someone you know has been
injured due to distracted driving, contact Jeffrey Friedman at 312-357-1431 for a free case
evaluation and dedicated legal representation, ensuring your rights are fully protected.

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