Legionnaires’ Outbreak and the Law

Legionnaires’ Disease is a severe form of pneumonia, which can lead to catastrophic injuries and death.  Symptoms of Legionnaires’ Disease typically include high fever, chills, and a cough.  The incubation period of Legionnaires’ Disease is from two to ten days, which is the time it takes before symptoms of the illness to appear after being exposed to the bacteria.  Legionnaire’s Disease can be contracted by breathing in mist or vapor that is contaminated with the Legionella bacteria.  Legionella bacteria grow in warm water, like the kind found in hot tubs, cooling towers, hot water tanks, large plumbing systems, or parts of the air-conditioning systems of large buildings.

The Associated Press reported on October 19, 2017, that two Legionnaires cases were reported at a Quincy, Illinois Veterans Home.  These cases are more than two years after an outbreak reportedly killed 12 people and sickened 54 at the facility.

According to the Associated Press, the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs said that two residents at the Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy contracted the disease. A Department spokesman said one resident died last week but officials believe the death resulted from other factors. The other resident is recovering and the spokesperson added that the facility is “testing the water and closely monitoring residents.”

Our office has represented victims who have contracted Legionnaires’ Disease, against the facility that was the source of the disease, and obtained recoveries for their damages.  A prompt and thorough investigation is important in handling these matters.  If you would like to discuss a Legionnaires’ Disease claim with our office, please call us at 312-357-1431.


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