Injuries can appear long after an accident

Injuries can appear years after an accident


Advancements in vehicle safety technology, many of which have been motivated by litigation brought by victims, have improved motorist and passenger safety over the past decades. Inevitably, however, the human body remains vulnerable to the forces experienced during a car accident. Sometimes injuries are catastrophic. Many times, a motorist suffers lesser injuries, often referred to as “soft tissue injuries.” These injuries can be challenging to manage, can be delayed in their presentation, and are frequently disputed and discounted by insurance companies of the at fault driver.

Understanding Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries, affecting muscles, ligaments, and internal organs, are prevalent in car accidents. These injuries generally result from the sudden deceleration due to impact of the vehicle.

The Challenge of Diagnosis

Many times, soft tissue injuries are not immediately apparent, often lacking visible signs and are not noted by emergency responders. Symptoms like muscle pain, soreness, tingling, or numbness, especially common in whiplash cases, may not manifest until days or weeks post-accident.

Seeking Medical Attention

Prompt medical evaluation following a car accident is important for detecting and treating soft tissue injuries. Even if symptoms arise or intensify weeks later, an early assessment with a healthcare professional is helpful.

The Role of Legal Counsel

In cases of any injury from a car accident where the victim is not at fault, the victim or their family may seek to consult an experienced attorney to explore their legal rights. Sometimes a minor collision can lead to significant, long-term disability.
After an accident, it is recommended to be safe and proactive. If you are considering legal recourse, the other driver’s insurance company may very well dispute the nature and extent of your injuries if prompt medical attention is not sought that documents the harm. Obtaining medical attention should be a priority. Next, understanding your rights and options can provide peace of mind and security. If you or someone you know has been in an serous motor vehicle accident, consider reaching out to The Law Office of Jeffrey Friedman, P.C., 312-357-1431, for advice and assistance.

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