Be aware of these warning signs when selecting a nursing home

warning signs when selecting a nursing home


Selecting the right nursing home for a loved one is a challenging task filled with emotion and responsibility. Doing so may present a sharp contrast to the vibrant, energetic memories of your loved one.

While nursing homes may strive to provide safe and appropriate care to their residents, not all live up to this standard.  Some are plagued by neglect and hazardous conditions, leading to serious injuries, and sometimes death. A report in the Chicago Tribune revealed one local nursing home with several alarming issues:

  • Prevalence of bedsores
  • Fire safety concerns, including smoking residents
  • Pest infestations
  • Ignored medical needs by nursing staff
  • Low ratings from healthcare oversight bodies
  • Signs of resident mistreatment, such as bruises
  • Poor food quality
  • Incidents of medication mishandling

These conditions are not suitable for anyone.  Any single one of these conditions can endanger the health and well-being of residents. Unfortunately, these problems may not apparent when making your initial assessment of a nursing facility for your loved one.

Here are some tips for Selecting a Quality Nursing Home:

  • Conduct a thorough tour of the facility with your loved one before making a decision.
  • Meet with the Director of Nursing, and the Nursing Home Administrator so you can ask questions and listen to their approach to resident care.
  • Observe the condition of current residents—are they well-groomed and do they appear content.
  • Inspect the facility for safety hazards, cleanliness, and overall maintenance.
  • Assess the staff’s demeanor—are they approachable, organized, and attentive

And once you decide on the nursing home, continue to be attentive to any concerns or questions about treatment while your loved one is a resident:

  • Stay in regular contact with your loved one and attentively listen to their experiences and concerns.
  • Be vigilant for any physical signs that might indicate neglect or abuse, such as unexplained injuries, bed sores, or weight loss.

If you notice any worrying signs, it may be time to consider relocating your loved one to a safer environment.

Should you or someone you know face issues related to nursing home neglect or abuse, you may wish to seek professional legal guidance.  The Law Office of Jeffrey Friedman, P.C., 312-357-1431, is available for a free consultation concerning any aspect of nursing home care that you feel is causing your loved one harm.  Our commitment is to protect the rights and dignity of all nursing home residents.


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