A jury awards $2 million to a wrongfully terminated employee in Cole County

A Cole County jury on Saturday awarded $2.02 million in damages to a former state employee with disabilities who was wrongfully terminated.

The former Missouri House of Representatives employee was fired in 2017 after he asked for workplace accommodations related to his disability and reported discrimination.

During a meeting, former Chief Clerk of the House D. Adam Crumbliss became upset when an employee said he would contact the Missouri Commission on Human Rights, and fired the employee shortly after.

Dashtaki Law Firm, LLC and Nimrod Chapel of Jefferson City’s Chapel Law Group represented the employee.

“I’m proud that such a fine jury sent a clear message to the State that Missourians will hold the legislature accountable to the laws it creates, and discrimination will not be tolerated,” he said.

The verdict was hailed as a victory for disabled employees by Cyrus Dashtaki.


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