Brett Favre Sexual Harassment

Brett Favre Has Acted The Part Of The Hero Long Enough. It’s Time To Yell ‘Cut’

And then of course, there’s the league itself. It seems likely that Favre is about to learn a humbling lesson about crashing to earth, courtesy of the same NFL that in the past never let his feet touch the ground. Yesterday, the league met with Jenn Sterger, former New York Jets sideline reporter and eye candy. The subject of the meeting was a seedy little peccadillo, involving text messages and pictures that will probably end up as a very sad blemish on the end of a brilliant career.

While I recognize the ugliness of sexual harassment, both in and outside of the workplace, I can’t help but feel a certain skepticism about this whole business and the way it’s being played out. You and I will probably never know what really went on.

Which is how it should be. It’s not our business. I won’t pass judgement on Favre over this, even though the pictures are out there for those who care to see them. And I won’t pass judgement on Jenn Sterger, who, let’s face it, has a career wholly dependent on publicity. I might be willing to make some snap judgments on her lawyer and her manager, both of whom attended yesterday’s meeting with Sterger. I’m sure they have no motives outside Jenn’s well-being, although neither apparently has suggested that her tribulations were worthy of bothering the police over.


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