Fourth District vacates McLean County asbestos conspiracy verdicts; New hearings on whether Honeywell witness must testify

On the first day of trial in one of the cases, Honeywell lawyer Gary Zimmerman of Chicago told Circuit Judge Paul Lawrence that Charm “has unequivocally stated he will terminate his contract with Honeywell rather than be obligated to travel any significant distance to testify, including being obliged to travel to Illinois to testify.

AsbestosAccording to court documents, Charm had previously testified at 22 trials in Bloomington.

On April 7, three days into the trial, Lawrence directed a verdict for plaintiff Vickie Hoogerwerf.

The next day, jurors determined Honeywell owed Vickie Hoogerwerf $2.95 million for the wrongful death of husband John Hoogerwerf, $1.07 million for his expenses and $300,000 for her losses.

In the other case, plaintiff Antoinette Legate and her husband Guy Legate sued Honeywell and other corporate defendants for damages allegedly resulting from Guy’s asbestos exposure.


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