Rekia Boyd Lawsuit: Family Of Unarmed Woman Killed By Off-Duty Chicago Cop Sues City

chicago wrongful death attorneyIt was an unseasonably warm March night when 22-year-old Rekia Boyd was gunned down by an off-duty police officer in Chicago’s Lawndale neighborhood.

Boyd was with a group of friends around 1 a.m. near 15th Place and Albany Avenue when off-duty Chicago Police Det. Dante Servin pulled up in an unmarked vehicle and told the group to “shut up,” according to her family.

What happened next, according to an attorney for Boyd’s family, was truly shocking: After a verbal altercation with one person in the group, Servin allegedly opened fire. As the friends ran away, 39-year-old Antonio Cross was shot in his hand and Boyd was shot in the head, according to the attorney, James D. Montgomery. She died nearly 24 hours after the shooting.


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