Strokes Are Among the Leading Cause of Long Term Disability

Strokes affect somebody every 40 seconds. Once every 4 minutes, somebody in the United States somebody dies from a stroke. Among the key issues to address in medical malpractice cases involving strokes and stroke, treatment is early intervention. There is a know medication to address individuals who are suffering early signs and symptoms of a stroke. That medication is essential to be administered in a very short window of time. Approximately 4 and a half hours. In certain situations individuals are hospitalized and eligible to receive the medication but for any number of reasons fail to receive that medication and if that occurs, it potentially is the basis for a medical malpractice case. If in fact, that is something that has affected you or a loved one, we at the Law Office of Jeffrey Friedman P.C. would be able to help explore the legal options for you or your family.

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