Lawsuit claims jail inmate died due to beating

An investigation by the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office found no evidence that anyone at the jail willfully or intentionally harmed Gruber.

However, the lawsuit claims Gruber was pepper sprayed and beaten by sheriff’s officers during processing at the jail, and that his subsequent requests for medical assistance were denied, despite the presence of contract medical personal at the jail, Correct Care Solutions, a health-care provider based in Nashville, Tenn. Medical staff failed to investigate or assess Gruber’s injuries, the suit alleges, which also names Correct Care Solutions, along with along with four nurses and one supervisor employed by the firm.

The three-count suit claims wrongful death and excessive force. It seeks punitive damages against defendants, attorney fees, court costs, and “any other relief” deemed “just and proper,” by the court.

Lawsuit claims jail inmate died due to beating

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