Marketing key in making Glen Lerner a celebrity attorney

Close your eyes. Imagine Glen Lerner’s jingle. You can dial his number from memory, can’t you? In this age of speed dialing and cellphone-programmed contacts, how many telephone numbers can you remember? So the question has to be asked: Is Glen Lerner the most recognizable personality in Las Vegas?

The 47-year-old Las Vegas personal injury lawyer has used his marketing savvy to turn a larger-than-life personality into a multimillion-dollar enterprise that has expanded into Arizona.

Much like a singer who has a No. 1 song, Lerner didn’t want to be known as a one-hit wonder and wondered whether what worked in Las Vegas would work elsewhere. Lerner is opening offices in Providence, Chicago, Salt Lake City and Albuquerque to see whether his regular-guy-who’s-an-attorney personality could be successful there, too.

Marketing key in making Glen Lerner a celebrity attorney

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