New York Workplace Injury Attorney Fights for Rights of Injured Hotel Workers

2010-11-12 01:08:07 (GMT) ( – Law, Personal Injury Law News, Press Releases, new york)

A recent OSHA complain from Hyatt Hotel Housekeepers promotes workplace safety standards reports New York Workplace Injury Attorney

New York City, NY – ( The Law Firm of Jonathan C Reiter, a proven New York Workplace Injury Attorney, represents injured workers from all industries and walks of life. According to New York Workplace Injury Attorneys, all employees in the state of New York have the right to safe working conditions, proper training, and functional equipment. Employers have a legal obligation to maintain a safe work environment for their employees and implement proper safety regulations and protocol. In a report made with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) on Tuesday, November 9th by Hyatt Hotel Housekeepers, these basic rights were allegedly not being met by their employer.

This is the first time in history that personal injury complaints were filed with OSHA by private sector employees from 12 properties across 8 states. Housekeepers working for Hyatt Hotels in San Antonio, Chicago, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Honolulu, and Indianapolis reported repetitive motion and other kinds of injuries sustained on the job.


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