Miles J. Zaremski: Lake County Judge’s Race Heats Up

Come election day, this race — found on the back of the ballot at the bottom — comes down to what appears to be overwhelming experience versus wanting a change of scenery for the sake of change. But, should this really be the choice at all when voters know that they are asked to decide on someone who may preside over life or death criminal cases, or a personal injury matter with millions of dollars potentially hanging in the balance? Or, should it be, as it must, like choosing a fine wine — one that takes years to become robust, mature and full of flavor? After all, how many of us really want to purchase a bottle of the bubbly whose grapes were harvested just months earlier? Let’s hope voters in this generally affluent area of Chicagoland know the difference.

via Miles J. Zaremski: Lake County Judge’s Race Heats Up | Chicago Press Release Services.

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