Raspberry Falls Residents Seek To Drop Lawsuit After Tainted Water Claims

It is not yet clear whether the $300 million lawsuit filed by a residents in the Raspberry Falls subdivision north of Leesburg will move forward to trial. In a hearing last week Ted Yoakam, the attorney representing the residents, made an oral motion to non-suit the lawsuit, which, if granted, would stop all the proceedings against Loudoun Water, Van Metre, and K. Hovnanian Homes.

The lawsuit was filed in February on behalf of 250 residents and property owners in the Raspberry Falls and sought actual and punitive damages that resulted from claims of contaminated drinking water and to compel the construction of a central utility system for the 960-acre development.

The homes are served by communal wells in a system operated by Loudoun Water. The subdivision is built in an area known for its karst geology, with sinkholes and solution channels that can make groundwater more susceptible to contamination. Residents have claimed that frequent illnesses are attributable to inadequately treated water and that efforts by Loudoun Water to address their concerns have been inadequate. While tests have found periodic instances of contamination, Loudoun Water representatives have said its treatment procedures are adequate to protect the health of residents and comply with federal and state standards.


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