SAE International Releases New 3-Volume Book on Biomechanics of Head Injuries

SAE International released the 3-volume set Head Injury Biomechanics, edited by Jeffrey A. Pike, which is designed to aid those studying head injury from a broad range of causes, including transportation, falls, sports, personal violence, and blast-related.

Nearly 50,000 Americans die from brain injuries annually, with approximately half of all traumatic brain injuries (TBI) being transportation-related. TBI is a critical and ever-evolving safety topic, with equally important components of injury prevention, consequences, and treatment.

This compendium, available as individual volumes or as a set, includes three volumes: Skull Fracture, Brain Injury, and Mitigation. Each volume includes a new chapter that ties together the various aspects of anatomy, injury, and injury mechanisms that set the stage for the technical papers that follow, which Pike selected from published literature. There is also a common bibliography of more than 250 resources, as well as a table that organizes them by topic; e.g., transportation mode or sport.

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