What Claim Do I Have After a Collision? : Wrong Way Driver

Mike BryantAttorney (866) 735-1102 Ext 555Posted by Mike BryantJanuary 26, 2012
This month, we will be looking at the issue of what claims are available in a Minnesota collision. We have used real examples from stories in the recent news as a basis for the discussion. What claims are available is not always obvious and a very good reason why you should take advantage of meeting with an experienced personal injury lawyer to understand all of your coverages. The insurance company may seem to be treating you correctly, but they don’t represent you. They also are not lawyers, so don’t take your legal advice from them.

Wrong way driver on I-94 causes head-on collision. Each person injured will be able to get their medical bills paid for under their own no fault policy. The reason for why the person was on the wrong side of the road will be important. Were they drinking and does there need to be a dram shop investigation? What, if anything, could the other driver do to have avoided the collision?


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