When Chimps Go Berserk: A Lack of ‘Oversight’

If you haven’t heard Charla Nash’s story yet, be warned. The extent of her horrific injuries from the animal attack are reason enough to call for an end to private ownership of chimpanzees. “An adolescent or adult chimp is a very dangerous animal that poses serious public safety concerns if they are not properly housed and managed,” says scientist Steve Ross, as William Mullen reports for the Chicago Tribune.

Chimpanzees are more than capable of causing serious injury or death to human beings; Charla Nash, now in her late fifties, underwent face-transplant surgery in May after a 200 pound chimp named Travis tore off Nash’s “hands, nose, lips and eyelids,” according to the Huffington Post. Nash had hand-transplant surgery as well, but her body did not respond to it, and the transplanted hands had to be removed.

It appears that Nash will remain blind.

When Chimps Go Berserk: A Lack of ‘Oversight’

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