Woman seeks personal injury compensation after losing a finger

29 Nov 2010

A woman who lost a finger at a public event is seeking personal injury compensation for the pain and suffering she was caused.

Clare Wiffin, 37, was attending a race at Kempton Park in Sunbury with her family when the accident occurred last year, Get Surrey reports.

She needed to get some money out and asked a member of staff where she could find the nearest cash machine.

The assistant directed her down an alley to the right-hand side of the course, but when Ms Wiffin went down there she was confronted by a high fence.

She put her hands on top to see if she could see over and find out if she was in the right place, but her wedding ring got caught in spikes at the top and her finger was ripped off.

“I was directed down a footpath to one side of the course. I would never have gone down there otherwise,” the victim commented.

via Woman seeks personal injury compensation after losing a finger.

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