Don’t Let Your Personal Injury Claim Slip and Fall This Winter

Winter slip and fall claims in Illinois could depend on whether the dangerous condition was naturally or unnaturally accumulated.

December 30, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ — For the people of the Midwest, the change of seasons, from fall to winter, means the return of snow and outdoor activities such as snowshoeing, sledding and skiing. And, while snow can be picturesque and conjure images of hot chocolate and fireplaces, it also can have a dangerous side — not all images of winter are idyllic.

Along with snow, the return of winter also brings ice and the potential for slippery conditions. The risk of injuries from slips and falls increases as snow and ice accumulate on or near sidewalks, parking lots or other outdoor areas where people walk. When people are injured after slipping and falling on icy conditions present on the property of a place of business or a homeowner, personal injury lawsuits may be filed to seek compensation for the injuries suffered. This is what happened in the case of Hornacek v. 5th Avenue Property Management.

Premises Liability in Illinois

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