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Slip and Fall Cases – Chicago Lawyer Jeffrey Friedman, P.C.

Slip and fall cases, often referred to as premises liability cases, require a careful understanding of the interplay between the facts and Illinois law. If you have fallen on someone else’s property, that doesn’t mean they are responsible for your damages. You still have to establish why you fell, and show that the property owner […]

Toyota injury claims survive dismissal attempts

(Reuters) – A federal judge largely rejected Toyota Motor Corp’s attempts to dismiss personal injury claims brought over sudden unintended acceleration, according to a tentative order posted on Wednesday. The personal injury cases are proceeding at the same time as a proposed consumer class action over economic loss suffered by people who purchased Toyota vehicles. […]

Lawyer Lies, Part 2

Michael Helfand on 10.26.10 Every day this week I’m discussing a different lie told by attorneys in the Chicago area. Today’s lie is: You can’t fire me! While in the best scenario you’d never need to find a new attorney, I’m blown away by the number of lawyers who make their clients believe that they […]