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Facebook to Pay a $550 million Settlement

biometric information

Photo license: Piqsels CC0 public domain Facebook recently agreed to pay a $550 million settlement to the plaintiffs in a high profile class action lawsuit brought against the social media network. This lawsuit arose out of Facebook’s alleged violation of an Illinois statute, the Biometric Information Privacy Act, commonly known as BIPA. BIPA is a […]

Teacher’s aide fired for refusing to hand over Facebook password

By Emil Protalinski | April 1, 2012, 1:15am PDT Summary: Kimberly Hester, a teacher’s aide at an elementary school, was fired last year for refusing to give her Facebook password to her supervisors. She is now fighting a legal battle with the school district. You can add this one to the short but growing list […]

Senators want ruling on whether Facebook password requests are illegal

By Jon Brodkin | Published a day ago Two US Senators asked the Department of Justice and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to start an investigation into whether employers asking job applicants for usernames and passwords violates federal law. The issue has come under scrutiny in the past week, after the Associated Press and others reported […]

Facebook privacy faceoff: Court orders password swapping

Chicago, November 20, 2011— Oh, the possibilities! Imagine a world where your ex-spouse is ordered by a judge to give you his facebook password! There would be such great creative status updates to post, intriguing apps to download, and what was the name of that drug kingpin you read about yesterday? He definitely needs a […]

Social Media Discovery

Posted On: November 2, 2011 by Ronald V. Miller, Jr. Defense lawyers are looking for serious personal injury victims to post this picture on Facebook Social media is all the rage for defendants’ personal injury lawyers. In the olden days, the only really fun Perry Mason moments from discovery for defense lawyers was surveillance video. […]