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Judge blasts personal-injury lawyer for running P2P “shake down”

By Nate Anderson Richmond, Virginia lawyer D. Wayne O’Bryan runs, as his website puts it, “a small law firm designed for personalized and professional legal services for dog attack injury and negligence claims.” O’Bryan is quite clearly a personal injury lawyer, which is why it made perfect sense for him to file federal copyright lawsuits […]

Judge administers another beatdown to P2P lawyer, severs cases

By Nate Anderson Multiple federal judges in Chicago have absolutely ripped the tactics of the state’s only attorney filing mass P2P file-sharing lawsuits in recent weeks. Now, two new rulings directly contradict a ruling from Judge Beryl Howell, an RIAA lobbyist-turned-federal-judge in Washington, DC, who said that mass subpoenas against alleged file-swappers were proper. Last […]