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Chicago Trampoline Centers Sued Over Injuries

By Andrew Chow, JD at FindLaw.com Tue Jul 17, 2012 9:10pm EDT Two suburban Chicago trampoline centers are being sued for injuries to children after employees allegedly failed to follow safety rules. In both cases, the children ended up with broken legs, Chicago’s WLS-TV reports. Separate lawsuits by the injured kids’ parents blame workers at […]

Shipwreck Suit Filed In U.S.; Judge May Send It To Italy

In an apparent race to the courthouse, the first U.S. lawsuit has been filed based on the Jan. 13 disaster off the coast of Tuscany. Surprisingly, the named plaintiff is a crewmember, rather than a passenger, who is a resident of Lima, Peru, rather than of the United States. The case also seems oblivious to […]

Personal Injury Lawyers offer expert advice on whiplash claims

It is unfortunate fact of life that due to the increasing numbers of vehicles on the road, there are more and more accidents occurring on a daily basis. With this fact comes the undeniable fact that more and more injuries are sustained. One of the most common and prevalent injuries that occur on a regular […]