What Stephen Colbert Can Teach Lawyers About Cross Examination

Contributor: Erik Magraken, ICBC Injury Claims Lawyer MacIsaac & Company

SUMMARY: Article by BC Injury Claims Lawyer (ICBC Injury Claims Lawyer) Erik Magraken discussing cross examination and the effective use of leading questions.

This article is authored by British Columbia personal injury lawyer Erik Magraken and pertains to legal matters in the Province of British Columbia, Canada. This article is posted for information only and is not claim-specific legal advice.


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0 thoughts on “What Stephen Colbert Can Teach Lawyers About Cross Examination

  1. Irene Carlson says:

    Absolutly right on the money few would see this as a teaching tool leave it to Erik Magraken, as well as its humor and great it is for that,I also see this as a fine example of how brain injured patients live post injurys and there need to have a support person in almost every area including family communtions to have ther needs met,few as I say would view this treat (piece of comedy) for the reality that it is, thank you Erik,as always your keen insites always right there!eagle eyes.