WHO’s Behind H.R. 4369?

Personal Injury Lawyer ChicagoALEC and ILR have assisted the asbestos industry in covering up the dangers of asbestos, villainizing the victims, misleading the public with propaganda and working to limit accountability through legislation.

H.R. 4369 is part of a campaign to let the asbestos industry off the hook by burying the system in paperwork and delaying justice until victims die:

State legislation: In 2007, ALEC adopted the “Asbestos Claims Transparency Act.” This legislation has been introduced in OH, OK, LA, TX, and WV.
Judicial Conference: On November 22, 2010, ILR made a direct appeal to the Judicial Conference to change the rules governing bankruptcy law.
Federal legislation: On April 17, 2012, H.R. 4369 was introduced in the House.

Asbestos diseases kill nearly 10,000 people every year. The asbestos industry knew of the dangers associated with exposure as early as the 1930’s. Asbestos is still legal in the U.S.

WHO’s Behind H.R. 4369?

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