Blake Anderson Breaks Back: ‘Workaholics’ Star Injured In Party Prank

In a ridiculous example of life imitating art, Blake Anderson of ‘Workaholics‘ — the scripted Comedy Central series about a group of hard-partying twenty-somethings juggling office life with an ambitious regimen of drugs and alcohol — landed himself in the hospital with a broken back when a stunt he tried to pull went horribly wrong. At a party at his Los Angeles home on Saturday, Anderson, presumably trying to dunk a ping-pong ball during a beer-pong game, jumped from his roof and landed on the table, fracturing his spine.

Anderson has reportedly undergone successful surgery to treat his injuries. Comedy Central updated the The Wrap on Anderson’s condition with the following statement:

“We’re pleased to report that the prognosis is for a full and complete recovery. Our thoughts are with Blake as he recuperates from this injury.”

Blake Anderson Breaks Back: ‘Workaholics’ Star Injured In Party Prank

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